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Tony Reno is a local radio legend who brings nostalgia, perspective and experience to the show. His co-host, Melissa Sheketoff has a background in news reporting. She gathers the top news headlines locally and nationally to keep listeners in the know. The pair are also sports enthusiasts and have your top regional headlines for professional teams and previews for games in the day ahead. The show is a combination of small talk with purpose and information that matters to you. 
We feature multiple live interviews every week, including from state leaders, business owners and local experts. On the list of weekly guests include Senator Richard Blumenthal, Congressman Jim Himes and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim. For businesses we feature Celco Heating and Air Conditioning and Bob Firigno from Treeland in Stratford. For local experts we have Luke Frey from the BBB, Bridgeport Health Director Maritzka Bond, Krista Carnes who’s our social media expert, Aaron Johnson our local high school sports guru and plenty of health resources from the local hospitals. 
Tony and Melissa have also created original weekly segments like “Community Inspiration” and “Crime on the Mind.” Community Inspiration highlights Connecticut residents who live normal lives doing extraordinary things. Every week, you can meet people of all ages who are inspiring their community and loved ones through their work, outlook on life, actions and good deeds. Crime on the Mind features Lt. James Perez from the Fairfield Police Dept. He’s one of the only cops in CT who travels around the country teaching crime prevention to other police departments. He gives us the top crimes happening right now and tips for the public to stay safe and be proactive. 

News, weather and traffic at top and bottom of hour from our chief meteorologist is Bill Jacquemin and our traffic reporter is Kellie Quinn. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the 6’s.

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Feeding. Baby's first solid food

Tony & Melissa: Wait, what is my baby eating?

Congressman Jim Himes reflects on Rep. Elijah Cummings’ legacy. Baby Food may be dangerous to infants according to new study. Yankee fans caught being cruel, is losing their karma? Robotic umpires and a sick confession from an NFL coach IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Storm Damage

Tony & Melissa: Hold onto your hats!

Follow up to wind storm overnight. A check in with EOC Director, Scott Appleby Senator Richard Blumenthal talks about protecting the media and why he is pushing for legislation New axe throwing facility coming to the Park City IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

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Tony & Melissa: Wedding Bell$$$$$

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Tony & Melissa: What’s Killing Men?

Jenny Currie, professional counselor, talks Pressures on Men Krista Carnes, social media consultant, talks about the recent President Trump sploof video and how online presence matters to the average person Lennie Grimaldi, the creator of the blog “Only in Bridgeport,” gives a play-by-play how the absentee vote lawsuit will play out this week. Starbucks has…Continue Reading

A model house model is placed on wood word TAX . as background property real estate concept with copy space for your text or design.

Tony & Melissa: Run out of CT?

Tony Hwang talks about concerns from CT residents including taxes and tolls. Also we dive into the recent SHU poll with many showing their disappointment in Governor Lamont since he entered office. Jim Perez discusses the top problems officers are facing in “Crime on the Mind.” He talks about an uptick in car crashes and…Continue Reading

Crazy senior couple wearing dinosaur and unicorn mask - Mature trendy people having fun masked at carnival parade - Absurd, eccentric, surreal, fest and funny masquerade concept

Tony & Melissa: Make Costumes, Save Money

Senator Richard Blumenthal Talks Turkish Airstrikes Luke Frey with BBB shares how to save money on Halloween Needs Should the Atlanta Braves nix the tomahawk completely? Russ Hackman weighs in on the NBA/China dispute Image Credit: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

flyer light 9-30-19

Tony & Melissa: CLASP Homes

Community Inspiration: CLASP Homes An Unlikely Friendship: Ellen Degeneres defends her public appearance with George W. Bush “Man of God” gets Fined: an NFL player pays for wearing religious headband Bed, Bath & Beyond Farewell Soon? Questions about if CT stores will shut down Bad Decisions: Don’t just Open a BagContinue Reading

Bloody Halloween theme: crazy maniak face

Tony & Melissa: Joker Triggering Issues?

Lennie Grimaldi from the blog “Only in Bridgeport” talks about the latest on the absentee ballot lawsuit and how it’s poorly impacting the upcoming November election. Also, counselor Jenny Currie talks about the concerns surrounding the new “JOKER” movie. Many want it banned, but she explains why it’s a film that may be worth looking…Continue Reading

Blank 2018 midterm ballot

Tony & Melissa: Absentee Ballot Woes

Senator Tony Hwang explains the issues behind absentee ballots and who qualifies for them ((00:08)) Lt. Jim Perez explains the horror behind scam phone calls and how you can lose money ((08:28)) Facebook Question of the Day: Are you ACTUALLY friends with your co-workers? ((17:34)) Today in History: Remembering CATS the Musical ((24:29)) Image credit:…Continue Reading

Group of young people celebrating Christmas party dinner with clinking glass of wine

Tony & Melissa: Shut it Down

Congressman Jim Himes returns from Pakistan and updates us on impeachment inquiry ((00:07)) A run in New Haven is happening this month to benefit breast cancer survivors ((07:16)) Should Thanksgiving be a day that all businesses shut down? ((13:08)) A look at Plasko’s Farm in Trumbull ((21:48)) IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading