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Tony Reno is a local radio legend who brings nostalgia, perspective and experience to the show. His co-host, Melissa Sheketoff has a background in news reporting. She gathers the top news headlines locally and nationally to keep listeners in the know. The pair are also sports enthusiasts and have your top regional headlines for professional teams and previews for games in the day ahead. The show is a combination of small talk with purpose and information that matters to you. 
We feature multiple live interviews every week, including from state leaders, business owners and local experts. On the list of weekly guests include Senator Richard Blumenthal, Congressman Jim Himes and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim. For businesses we feature Celco Heating and Air Conditioning and Bob Firigno from Treeland in Stratford. For local experts we have Luke Frey from the BBB, Bridgeport Health Director Maritzka Bond, Krista Carnes who’s our social media expert, Aaron Johnson our local high school sports guru and plenty of health resources from the local hospitals. 
Tony and Melissa have also created original weekly segments like “Community Inspiration” and “Crime on the Mind.” Community Inspiration highlights Connecticut residents who live normal lives doing extraordinary things. Every week, you can meet people of all ages who are inspiring their community and loved ones through their work, outlook on life, actions and good deeds. Crime on the Mind features Lt. James Perez from the Fairfield Police Dept. He’s one of the only cops in CT who travels around the country teaching crime prevention to other police departments. He gives us the top crimes happening right now and tips for the public to stay safe and be proactive. 

News, weather and traffic at top and bottom of hour from our chief meteorologist is Bill Jacquemin and our traffic reporter is Kellie Quinn. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the 6’s.

Recent posts

zoo pic

Meet the newest Zoo Members!

Director of The Beardsley Zoo, Gregg Dancho, introduced us to their two newest members of the zoo. He also explains the celebrations at hand for their two Amur Leopard Cubs turning one years old this weekend!Continue Reading


What a Kidney would mean to Austin

We met Mary Kozicki who told us the story of her brave, wonderful 24-year old son, Austin. Born with one kidney, Austin was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of 6. Now years later, he finally landed on the transplant list but it could take years before he finds a match. That’s where you…Continue Reading

Grungy Betsy Ross Flag With Thirteen Stars and Stripes

Tony & Melissa: Congressman Himes talks Relief Money

Congressman Jim Himes talked about a number of topics including the relationship now between Iran and the US. But he also touched on a remark made by Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim regarding 18 billion dollars not being used to help Puerto Rico following the earthquakes. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Driver using GPS navigation in mobile phone while driving car

Tony & Melissa: GPS Changes?

1. Sen. Blumenthal explains why it’s crucial that GPS apps change their criteria. 2. The BBB talks about how to spot credible Australia relief effort sites and avoid scams. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading


Australia Animal Relief Effort

Melissa Sheketoff is looking for your help! She met Megan Cochran, a Southington native, who organized a local effort to send donations to Australia February first. More than a billion animals have died since the wildfires sparked in September. There are efforts to rehab and rescue many more animals, which is why we need your…Continue Reading

Man stressed while working on laptop

Tony & Melissa: Workaholics

1. Lennie Grimaldi shares details about the deadly car collision on New Years Day. 2. Jenny Currie explains how to balance being a good parent and a workaholic. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

I want you - Uncle Sam

Tony & Melissa: There Won’t be a Draft

1. Senator Blumenthal explains why it’s very unlikely to have a draft. 2. Senator Tony Hwang calls out the governor for shady town hall meeting. 3. Milford Police discuss arrest that ended deadly in the city. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

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