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Pelosi, Schumer call for Mueller to publicly testify before Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, outraged over the Trump administration’s rollout of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, called on Thursday for Mueller to publicly testify before Congress. “Attorney General (Bill) Barr’s regrettably partisan handling of the Mueller report, including his slanted March 24th summary letter, his irresponsible testimony before Congress…MORE

Trump to honor wounded veterans at the White House

It may look like just a bike ride, but as 29 wounded warriors hit the Washington-area roads this week, it is a testament to service, sacrifice and perseverance. Wounded Warrior Project’s DC Soldier Ride is underway, a three-day journey aimed at overcoming adversity — both physical and mental — and fostering bonds in the veteran…MORE

Attorney General Barr to release redacted Mueller report

The Mueller report is coming: Attorney General William Barr Thursday morning will release a redacted version of Robert Mueller’s report detailing the findings of the special counsel investigation. The redacted report, which is nearly 400 pages, will fill in some — but likely not all — of the details explaining what Mueller’s team uncovered during…MORE

North Korea: If US wants to talk, put someone ‘more mature’ than Pompeo in charge

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has issued a stinging rebuke of United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, hours after the country claimed to have tested a new tactical weapon. In a statement released by the state-run Korean Central News Agency, Foreign Ministry official Kwon Jong Gun said Pompeo had been “letting loose reckless remarks and…MORE

Barnes & Noble is offering free download of the Mueller report

Robert Mueller’s full report has yet to be released, but you can already order it online. Bookseller Barnes & Noble said Wednesday that it’s offering “The Mueller Report” for pre-order to customers. The highly anticipated report, which took two years to complete and is expected to provide an in-depth look at special counsel Mueller’s investigation…MORE

Democrats outraged as Trump team shapes Mueller report rollout

America has been waiting two years to hear from Robert Mueller. But President Donald Trump and his team are not taking any chances, making sure that they get to spin the special counsel’s conclusions before the nation gets to see them for itself. An aggressive administration rollout plan for the release of a redacted version…MORE

Ivanka Trump’s White House blank check

Ivanka Trump is the eldest daughter of Donald Trump. And a senior adviser in his White House. And, according to her, she could have been the head of the World Bank, too. In an interview with the Associated Press in the Ivory Coast (she’s in Africa along with the head of USAID) Ivanka Trump said…MORE

Inside the Department of Homeland Security after the purge

Late Thursday night, April 4, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen called Ron Vitiello to apologize for the confusion over his nomination to become director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. What had been viewed as a done deal was suddenly in jeopardy after the White House sent a letter to a Senate committee saying…MORE