WICC600 On-Air Lineup

Yankees Programming 300x100


12am-1am The John Batchelor Show
1am-5am Red Eye Radio
5am-10am Tony & Mike in the Morning
10am-1pm The Brian Kilmeade Show
1pm-4pm The Clark Howard Show, Clark Howard
4pm-7pm The Dave Ramsey Show
*7pm-10pm The Clark Howard Show, Clark Howard  (*Specialty programming pre-empt)
10pm-12am The Ben Shapiro Show


12am-1am The John Batchelor Show
1am-6am Red Eye Radio
6am-7am Safe Money w/ Jim Lambert
7am-8am WICC600 Music
8am-9am Mastering Your Wealth with David Gagnon
9am-10am Purity Products
10am-11am Wealth Enhancement
11am-11:30am WICC600 Music
11:30am-12pm Money Wisdom
12pm-1pm Purity Products
1pm-2pm Real Estate Today
2pm-5pm Kim Komando
5pm-6pm Real Estate Today
6pm-12am WICC600 Music


12am-6am All Night, After Hours Oldies Party
6am-7:30am WICC600 Music
7:30am-8am Money Wisdom
8am-9am Ganim’s Garden Center
9am-2pm Tony Reno’s Italian House Party
2pm-4pm Standards by the Sea
4pm-7pm The Jim Bohannon Show
7pm-8pm LifeTalk with Mariette Kammerer
8pm-9pm Own Your Own Truth with Laura T
9pm-1am When Radio Was